Blumenranken Tattoo: 20 beautiful templates for various parts of the body

Flower tendril tattoo is a nice selection for every woman. The intertwined flowers look delicate and feminine and form a whole composition, which can be supplemented with other tattoo motifs - for example, butterflies, starlets, writings. The kind of flowers - roses, tulips, lilies, and the way they are combined, not only show your own style, but also reveal much about your personality. In this article we offer you 20 interesting Tattoovorlagen for various parts of the body. Let it inspire you for your new flowered tattoo!

Blumenranken Tattoo - a beautiful selection for every woman

Flower tendril tattoo on the forearm original look

original flower tendril tattoo on the back

The flower-tattoo looks so interesting because it can be designed individually - the combination of flowers depends only on your personal preferences. Depending on the type of flowers, the meaning of the tattoo also changes - so that it looks even more original, you can even opt for different flowers. The size of the tattoo could of course be different, but lately the small and delicate tattoos are really popular with women. Such a tattoo, for example, on the hand or foot joint, on the shoulder and even behind the ear look beautiful and discreet. Whether the tattoo is colored or black and white is again up to your personal taste - but remember that the colors also play a major role in the message.

The symbolism depends on the type of flowers

Flower tendril Tattoo Pusterblume upper arm

As mentioned above, the flower-tattoo has no general meaning. The individual flowers, however, have their own symbolism - the rose, for example, stands for passionate love (the different colors, however, have different meanings), the lily - for faith and purity, the sunflowers - for pride and arrogance, and the beautiful lilies of the valley symbolize innocence and trust. That's why it's important to not only choose your favorite tattoo flowers, but also to know a bit about their meaning. We hope you enjoy our Tattoovorlagen!

Blumenranken Tattoo - 20 beautiful Tattoovorlagen

Flower tendril tattoo template

Floral tendril tattoo template stylized

Flower tendril tattoo template original look

Tattoo template floral as creative ideas for women

Flower tendril tattoo template two butterflies stylized flowers

interesting Tattoovorlage flower tendrils

Flower tendril tattoo interesting template flowers and butterfly

Flower tendril tattoo template orchid ideas for women

Flower tendril tattoo template roses stylized gorgeous look

Floral Nose Tattoo Template Roses and Chinese Font

Flower tendril tattoo template original idea for women

Flower tendril tattoo template stylized flowers

Flower tendril tattoo template Women delicate, small flowers

lumen tattoo template flowers and stylized butterflies

Flower tendril tattoo original template women

interesting template Floral tendril tattoo stylized

Floral tendril tattoo colored template women

Tattoovorlage Blumenranken interesting look

Floral tendril tattoo colored template Tattoo template flower tendrils and butterflies monochrome

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